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Goldie is not just another salon, it offers specialised treatments which we put our heart and soul into … making us a master of our trade! The theme for the studio is Greek, boho vibes – we think we’ve captured that pretty well and it was even the inspiration behind the logo. We have a created a space that you can come and relax in, listening to our acoustic tunes, having a coffee and a chat… we want you to feel completely at ease.

We have created a vibe, a goldie vibe!

goldie brow space.jpg

We met at Feelunique 7 years ago and instantly hit off, although we never imagined that we would be starting our own business together!

Both Danielle & Rute have an extensive background in beauty, Rutes attention to detail means that she is the nail art queen and it has been Danielle's dream to open her own brow bar for a long time and after successfully growing her business for the last several years she decided to team up with her bestie and open Jersey's very own brow and nail studio!

You'll often hear us chatting about our love of travel and we love hearing where everyone is jetting off to next to get inspo for our next trip!

We both love to chat about pretty much everything but equally we are here to listen and our clients put a lot of trust in us and share lots as they feel so comfortable in our environment... what happens in goldie stays in goldie! 

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Brands we love

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